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Videos and Education

This page is set up for patient education purposes.  Videos and text are included for teaching exercise routines, cast rules, removal of clubfoot casts and discussions of various diagnoses.  The page is specifically for use of our patients.  However, others may use it for informaitonal purposes.  Please do not self treat or diagnose.  Talk to your own doctor before implementing any treatment plans.

Quadriceps strengthening exercises


Three exercises are demonstrated in this video:  quad set, straight leg raise and short arc knee extension.  The exercise can be done sitting or laying down.  Maximal muscle contraction is important for each rep.  I recommend 15 reps of each exercise with each held at maximum muscle contraction for 10 seconds.

Osgood-Schlatter exercises


This set of exercises includes stretches for the quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups.  Keep in mind that stretching causes some discomfort.  If there is no pain with stretching, you are likely not stretching enough.  Each stretch should be held for 10 seconds at the point of pain.  Again, I recommend 15 reps for each type of exercise.

Sever's disease exercises


Calf stretches are used for treatment of Sever's disease, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and calf contractures from many causes.  A proper calf stretch is easy to do if attention is paid to a few details.  Stretch to the point of discomfort and hold for a count of 10 seconds.  Repeat 15 repetitions.

Posterior tibial strengthening for flat foot

The posterior tibial muscle supports the arch and can be poorly functioning in some people with flat archs.  This simple exercise helps strengthening the posterior tibial muscle and is also part of an ankle strengthening program.  

Plantar fasciitis exercise program

Tennis elbow exercises

Calf stretch exercises

Hamstring stretch standing

Hamstring stretch seated

Ankle strengthening program

Use of theraband to strengthen the ankle.


Ten  to fifteen minutes of heat prior to stretching .  Ten to fifteen minutes of ice after activities.

Ponseti cast removal

This video demonstrates how to soften the Ponseti cast at home so that we can remove it with sissors instead of a cast saw.  The technique demonstrated does not work with fiberglass casts.  If the cast is not soft enough when you arrive at the office, the cast saw will have to be used.

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